3 Top Leading Sunscreen Brands In The Market And The Differences You Need To Know

For some parts of the world, summertime is almost over and school time would start soon. But for the most part, summer is just arriving. This season is connected with barbecues, beaches, swimming pools, slippers, and of course, stores are stacking up shelves of numerous stocks of different brands of sunscreens. If you would see it, the most common cancer today in the United States is nonmelanoma. It is 90% caused by sun rays due to excessive exposure to the sun or sun tanning during summers. Now, to help you choose your options from the different sunscreens available on the market today, here are three of the topmost brands with their different components.

1. Express Wipes Sunscreen

Express Wipes are pre-moistened wipes that are an alternative for messy and sticky lotions. This product is easy to carry wherever you may go. It is quick-absorbing, oil-free, vitamin enriched, PABA free formula, and contains SPF 30 which can last up to 80 minutes of sweating or swimming. SPF or Sun Protection Factor is the measurement of the effectiveness of a sunscreen. The higher the SPF, the more effective a sunscreen is. Express Wipes Sunscreen has higher SPF compared to others which just has SPF 15.

2. Alba Botanica’s Sun: Mineral Sunscreen Fragrance Free


Be Wary of Chemicals: The Safest Sunscreens on the Market

As compared to the previous lotion, Alba Botanica is a lotion sunscreen which is really applied to the skin before going out of the house. It has UVA protection that is not seen on other sunscreens. Alba Botanica also does not contain any chemical that can potentially harm the user’s hormone unlike many top brands in the market today. It is also available for kids with SPF 30 that are really useful when playing outdoors.

3. Reef safe

Among the other two above, reef safe is the recommended sunscreen by American Lifeguard Association. Chemicals on sunscreen are not all biodegradable and it sometimes cause harm to marine life. One of the ways it destroys marine life is coral reef pollution. As these chemicals wash off from the body during swimming and other water activities, it wakes the dormant viruses present around the corals thus disturbing the balance of the marine ecosystem. Waters around these corals that are exposed to the sunscreen chemicals have 15 times more virus than that of non-exposed. Reef safe doesn’t do that. It is a biodegradable sunscreen lotion which can protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays while protecting the life under the seas too!


Sunscreen Ratings: The Best and Worst for Beach Season 2013

Consumers are unaware of a sunscreen’s potential damage to the environment and the body. Alarmingly there are recent reports and studies that some chemicals on sunscreens may cause cancer if used regularly. It is advised to carefully choose a sunscreen to use and always read the label before patronizing the product.

5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Travel Insurance

Many people don’t really get the value of insurance. Some of them think that it is not cost effective. What’s the use of having insurance if you don’t even have the chance to use it? This is also a question that will circle your thoughts when deciding to get travel insurance. Travel insurance may be an additional expense to you especially that it will only last during your trip. Getting travel insurance is a smart move though even if you have other insurance that gets you covered annually.

1. Get refunded during trip cancellation

One category of travel insurance that is beneficial for you is trip cancellation insurance. This is very important because you can get refunded for instances when you might need to cancel or delay your trip. Usually, not all the money you paid is refunded to you by the carrier during cancellation. But with this insurance you will surely get all your money back.

2. Easy emergency medical evacuation


5 Reasons Why You Should Get Travel Insurance

Not all places in the world are equipped and staffed with the best hospital equipment and personnel. Availing of emergency medical evacuation insurance will help you go back to your place of origin or or transfer you to a place that can give you the best medical attention. Most of the time, you will need to shell out a huge sum of money to get transferred. But with this type of travel insurance, you will be transferred immediately without breaking your bank.

3. Get full medical attention on foreign land

Getting sick on a trip can be difficult for you. Though you have health care insurance at home, sometimes you can’t get covered when on a trip. Obtaining health care travel insurance will make it easier for you to get medical attention during your travels.

4. Never be afraid of losing your things

Travelling can be a stressful experience especially if your things are lost. This does not only make the trip a bad experience, but you also lose some very important things. Getting a baggage insurance can help ease your mind. You will not only get reimbursed for lost things during the trip, but depending on your provider, you can also be covered if your possessions are damaged or don’t arrive on time.

5. Accidental death and dismemberment coverage


Travel Insurance Is An Essential Holiday Expense

There are a lot of things that can happen to you when you are on a trip. It is always best to have yourself insured even if you are just travelling for two weeks. Life insurance providers may not cover you if something happens to you outside of the country. Getting an accidental death and dismemberment can certainly protect you during these times.

Insurance are expenses that some people will never probably ever take advantage of. It acts as a safety net that can provide you peace of mind when travelling. Paying insurance is always better than regretting not having one at all. Remember, you’ll never know when something will go wrong during your trip.

What You Need To Ask Before Buying a Franchised Business

One way to start a business without so much planning how to run the business and all is purchasing a Franchise. It is a readymade business with the brand already made up for you so you don’t have to worry over those trivial matters. With so many franchise businesses available, you can just take your pick, especially if you have the fund to invest on it. So this should be easy breezy for your, right? But sad to burst your bubbles, getting a franchise is far from being easy ticket for your business success or your millions for that matter. Conflicts often arise between franchisors and franchisees and yeah, failure to take off does happen.

So due diligence is still required, just like any other business start up where you do everything from the ground up. And by this, it means that opening a franchised business involves deep thinking, planning and a lot more than you think.

Things you need to ask yourself before jumping a wagon of franchise buying


5 Great Questions To Ask Franchise Company Executives Before Buying A Franchise

  1. What would be the upfront cost? Can you afford it or do you plan to get a loan for it? This should be the utmost question you need to ask yourself – this literally means, can you afford the investment. And if you can say yes, only then ask the following questions.

  2. How would your franchisor going to earn from you? Just what is the interest of the franchisor in this business? Will you just pay for the franchising fee one time and nothing more or is there a need for recurring payment for services you will need from your franchisor? There are a lot of modes on how a franchisor will earn and know just exactly what this franchise has.

  3. What would be other things you will need to set up and pay for to run the business? Just what the franchise does not include in the package that you will need to spend for like property lease or equipment purchases?

  4. Any supplier restrictions you need to know about? Do you need to go to your franchisor for supplies or can you have your own suppliers?

  5. Any area protection clauses you need to add? What guarantees do you have that no other franchise will pop up beside you? Is there some area protection you can secure to ensure that you don’t get unnecessary competition once you get the success you need?

  6. Can you branch out in case? How about opening your own outlets? Can you do that? Are you allowed to do that?

  7. How many failed and succeeded with this franchise within the year? Of course, you would want to know exactly just how successful this franchise is. Seek out franchisees like you and see how they fare with the business. See if a failure is just an isolated case and is just a matter of mismanagement. A franchisee that gets out of the business by selling to someone else isn’t necessarily included in the statistics of “failures.” Indeed, he or she may be selling a successful venture. But you still need some idea of the turnover rate of franchisees.

  8. Do you have exit plan? One very important thing that most newbie entrepreneurs don’t take into consideration is the exit plan. In case it doesn’t work out on you, can you sell it? Just how much is it to resell this franchise? Exit plans are not only if case doesn’t work out. It is a good business to sell a successful business so you get to build another. So it is handy to come up with 5 or 10 or even 20-year plans to exit your business. 10 and 20 are too high numbers for this kind of plan though.


Buying a Business Franchise

Of course, beyond all these questions is your confidence on how much you know about the franchise you are buying. You have to do your homework, specify just how much you expect to get out from this venture and just how well this franchise system is going. You don’t have to go over the board and worry about it but it bodes well to prepare in case the worst do happen.