5 Common Cam Site Technical Issues and How to Correct Them

Watching porn online is one thing, and at this point it’s probably become instinctual to you to figure out how to use the best free porn sites available on the Internet. You can tell at a glance what kind of porn sites will be good, and you shun others based on your past experiences. Cam sites, while not exactly brand new, have exploded in popularity within the past couple of years. They’re a different beast and that can make it rather difficult to know how to use them properly if you’re not used to suing them. Figuring out how to use adult cam sites is usually easy enough when they work properly, but sometimes you might not be so lucky. Sometimes cam sites can mess up in spectacular ways, and it can really make it difficult to use them the way they were intended to be used.

Nobody wants to have to try and deal with a technical issue in the middle of an amazing cam show. We’ve had plenty of experience with the various issues that cam sites can have, and we have plenty of tips on how you can go about making sure that the issues get fixed.

1. The Video Stream Is Laggy and Choppy

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Cam sites and the quality of the experiences you have on them basically entirely depends on actually being able to watch the cam girl perform properly. Obviously, if the video feed is laggy or choppy or just not working properly, it basically defeats the entire purpose of using a cam site to begin with. That’s why it’s so important to have a good video stream when you watch cam sites. If your video seems to be performing poorly, there can be a few reasons behind this type of issue. You may want to look into your Internet connection to make sure that it’s not having issues with loading streaming video.

If that doesn’t seem to fix the problem, then you may want to check to see if you’re having the same issues on any other cam sites. It could very well be an issue on the cam girl’s side and not yours – sometimes her Internet connection will be too slow to allow a good stream to go through, which means you’re not going to get a quality show. It could also be an issue on the site’s side, which is obviously harder to fix and may be an indication that it’s time to find a different site to use. No one wants any sort of disruption while watching sexy cam girls. You should go through the guide published at topcamsites.co.uk/cam-strategy/ for tips, tricks and learn to use cam sites in a more efficient way.

2. Your Flash Player Keeps Crashing

“Damn! It’s not working properly”

Things can get pretty aggravating with cam sites if you’re in the middle of the best show ever and your Flash player keeps crashing. Then you have to refresh the whole page and you can lose your place in a crowded chat room, or just have to deal with not being able to see what she was doing with that vibrator of hers. If you’re just figuring out how to use sex cam sites and this starts happening to you frequently, it can really put you off of using these sites in the future, and that’s not something you should have to put up with.

The best way to deal with this is to make sure your player is up to date. If it’s not the most recent version of the player, that could very well be leading to some of the bigger issues you could be having with it. If it’s crashing all the time, you will want to update it if one is available. If your player is up to date, then you should look into reinstalling the player altogether – that should hopefully be enough to help fix the issue.

3. You Can’t Hear the Cam Girl

“Why her voice is not audible?”

Part of the appeal behind using cam sites is being able to hear the lovely voice of the cam girl you’re watching. It really adds an extra something to the show that can take it from average to exceptional – if you can actually hear her. Sometimes you’ll notice that a cam girl appears to be talking, but you can’t hear a single word she’s saying! It’s obviously beyond frustrating, and it’s something that you will want to be able to fix quickly. Note that sometimes this is not an issue on your part, but rather on hers – and that means you might just need to switch cam girls entirely.

If you’re sure that the issue is on your part, updating or refreshing your audio drivers is usually enough to fix the issue. You should be able to do this fairly easily if you look up a tutorial and follow the instructions. You’ll need to go into the device manager on your computer to try and fix this, but then you should be set.

4. Your Browser Keeps Crashing

“Not again!”

It’s one thing to have your Flash player crash when you’re using cam sites. it’s another thing entirely to have your entire browser crash when you’re in the middle of a cam show, not only ruining your mood but also getting rid of whatever other windows you had open at the time. It’s enough to make a man want to flip a table. Well, keep the table right where it is – there are some fixes and tweaks you should have in mind if you run into this sort of issue when you start using cam sites on a regular basis.

First, you’ll want to check to see if there any updates for your browser. It may just be time to update it and see if that fixes the issue with it crashing on you. If not, then you may want to try a different browser and see if you’re experiencing similar issues. You might also want to attempt closing the rest of your tabs or windows before you start up the cam site – it could be too much for your computer to handle all at once.

5. The Video Keeps Buffering or Stops Playing Altogether

“It will take time in buffering video”

Slow Internet connections don’t usually tend to play well with cam sites, but if you have a healthy connection and the video is constantly buffering, then you clearly have an issue that needs to be dealt with. Figuring out how to use adult cam sites should be easy – if they’re performing [properly and not making you constantly refresh the page. You may want to tweak your internet settings and see if you can change anything to make the site perform more smoothly. Sometimes it might be as simple as restarting your modem or router, but sometimes you’ll notice that doesn’t seem to help. In this case, it could very well be an issue on the cam site’s part, which is when you’ll want to switch sites or models for the time being. You shouldn’t have to put up with a subpar connection just because your site of choice isn’t performing properly. It’s not a good way to start a cam show experience and it will definitely wind up aggravating you more than you need it to in the long run. You can always return later and see if it’s working better then, but don’t put yourself through the annoyances of a poor connection just because you’re stuck on a particular cam girl.

Bringing Up Kinks and Fetishes

A lot of guys feel nervous when it comes to bringing up their kinks in the bedroom. While doing reviews of casual dating sites, we’ve seen this issue come up a lot, but that really doesn’t need to be the case. While it might not go over so well on horrible sites like CasualClick.com, for the most part, ladies are into kinks and fetishes. They’re into the same sorts of things that you are, and it’s all a matter of being open and honest about what you like. While you might not see eye to eye on everything, that doesn’t mean that you two can’t still enjoy yourselves, and that’s why communication is really key to bringing up your interests.

Communication is Key

“Start communicating more”

The key to making any sort of relationship work–even if it’s a casual one–is communication. This is especially important in the land of kinkiness and fetishes, and that’s why you always need to talk to your lady about this kind of thing. If you’ve been dying to try something kinky, you need to talk to her about it. If she’s never heard of it before, then that’s fine. There are a lot of people that haven’t, and that’s why it’s up to you to educate and explain to her what exactly it is you want, and why you want it.

While horrible sites like CasualClick.com might make this kind of thing difficult, there are plenty of sites out there that can help you connect to ladies that have similar ideas about kinks and sex in general. You need to trust a legit dating site and avoid the scam sites mentioned here: casualdatingreviews.ca. If you are wondering, are sex dating sites any good? Then, you have got to dig in deep and do a thorough research on these sites. You’ll be able to communicate much more openly once you’ve had the experience and coaching to do it. We suggest you read reviews of casual dating sites as well, because often times, you’ll see people that have gone through the same thing, and struggle with the exact same issues as you do.

Chat About Them in Advance

“Discuss your fetishes”

Whenever you’re trying to bring up kinks or fetishes, you should never do so abruptly. It’s important that you really talk to your hookup well in advance to the actual meet-up, or it’s going to be a very awkward conversation that she’s undoubtedly not going to be as comfortable with. This is why talking to her over e-mail or the phone about this kind of thing is so very, very important.

If you talk about it in advance, you’ll also be able to plan out things much better. You’ll actually be able to set up important things like safe words, and plan out actual scenarios. This will make you much better prepared for the actual hookup night where the two of you plan to get kinky. She won’t feel as though she’s being pressured into anything, because she will already know what you like, and what the two of you have planned. If you plan things out in this manner, you’ll have a much more enjoyable time, and so will she.

The key to making kinks work is making sure you are both well-informed about them. If you can do that, you’ll really have a leg-up on the situation, and you’ll just both end up having much more fun. It’ll be something to write about in reviews of casual dating sites, that’s for sure!

Find Similar Ground

“Talk about a fetish that you both are comfortable with”

A lot of guys feel awkward about bringing up their kinks and fetishes because they simply think that they’re too weird and unusual for anyone else to enjoy. This really isn’t true, and we’ve found a lot of ladies that are just as kinky as us…or even kinkier. This is why it’s very important that you try to find some similar ground, and really start comparing and contrasting the things that you’re into. By doing this, you’re opening up a ton of new doors, and you’re going to end up having much better sex because of it.

The more you can actually talk about the things you’re both into, the better. You’ll be able to find overlap that really adds to your experience in the bedroom, and you’ll actually be able to do things that please both of you all at once. By doing this, you’ll find that she’s much happier, and that you’re much happier, too. This all adds up into a great hookup experience, and an experience that you’re both going to want to repeat in the near future.

Talk About Her Fantasies, Too

“Ask her what she wants”

While it’s good to compare and contrast kinks, it’s also important to just talk about her. In fact, we think one of the best ways to bring up kinks into a conversation is to ask her if she has any fantasies first. By letting her lead the way into the conversation, it’s not going to be anywhere near as awkward or strange, and you’ll both feel like you’re really getting something out of it that you otherwise wouldn’t.

You should ask her what she likes, and if there is anything that she’s ever wanted to do in the bedroom. By doing this, you might find out that she’s the kinkiest one of all. She might fantasize being a Dominatrix, and that means that you two can really have something to talk about if you want to be someone’s submissive. It can turn into an amazingly kinky night that you never expected to have, and you two might end up hooking up that much more often because of it.

Her fantasies are very important. When it comes to casual dates, you really need to focus on pleasing her first and foremost. If you do that, she’s going to be that much more willing to cater to your kinks and fetishes, and that’s why you should go out of your way to make sure she’s happy first of all. By doing that, you’re all but guaranteeing that she’s going to reciprocate, and that means that you’re really going to end up having an amazing time that you probably never ended up expecting.

Just Be Honest

“Tell her about your darkest fantasy”

If you’re honest about what you’re into, it’s really going to benefit you. It’s going to get you really far, because women want to be with a guy that knows what he likes and is confident about it. That means that you need to stand behind the stuff you’re into, and make sure that you don’t ever be ashamed about it.

Kinks and fetishes are perfectly normal. They’re just another part of sex that most people have, and that means that you need to embrace them with a fully consenting partner. The more you talk about it and discuss it with her, the better it’s going to be, so be confident regarding what you like, and just go for it. She’ll probably end up being just as gung-ho and excited about them as you are if you show the enthusiasm you need.

Women want a guy that’s confident about what he wants, and that’s something you should always remember. You don’t have to be pushy about it; just tell her that it’s something you’ve always really wanted to do, and see what her reactions are. From there, you can really get into it, and judge how much she wants to participate. You might end up finding the perfect partner this way!

Safeguarding Your Computer for an Online Affair

“Keep your research history clean”

Your computer isn’t the impenetrable fortress that you think it is, even if you take the time to clear your cache every single time you research how to have an affair. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Sunderland or in any other part of the world–there are ways for your wife to figure out what you’re doing, and that’s why you have to be extra careful when it comes to covering up your tracks on the computer. Finding older married ladies online isn’t that easy. Visit http://marrieddatingtactics.co.uk/cheating-101/ to read a complete hookup guide and learn how to be careful while having an affair. By being careful, you’re really making sure that your attempts on how to have an affair are much more successful, and it will be that much more difficult for you to be caught, whether you’re in Sunderland or anywhere else in the world.

Clearing Your Cache

“Clear your browsing data”

This should be another no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many men learning how to have an affair simply forget about this one, simple thing that can save them from getting caught. This is the most common preventative measure that you can take when it comes to having affairs online, and it’s something that you should always do to make sure that your wife doesn’t look behind you and see what you’re doing on the computer when she’s not around. While it can’t catch everything, it can do a great deal, and you have to make sure that you do it with literally every single session that you spend on the computer.

Your cache is the log of all the sites that you’ve been to, as well as all of your passwords and information. When clearing this, make sure you do it completely. Don’t skimp on it just because you want it to remember your password next time. Your laziness will end up getting you caught, especially if she finds you’ve been on a discreet affair dating site when she hasn’t been home. Too many men get caught this way, and that’s a fact. We hear horror stories about it literally all the time, and it’s really no fun.

Using Different Browsers

“Try to use multiple browsers”

On top of clearing your cache, you need to make sure that you always use a different browser than the default one on your computer. While it might be tempting to use something that you’re used to, that’s going to be a one-way ticket to being caught in the long and short of it all. You should pick a browser that isn’t even ever listed on your desktop, and if it asks to become your default, tell it ‘nope.’ You want this to be a browser that your wife doesn’t even think of clicking when she uses the computer, because otherwise, you’ll just end up getting caught.

This sort of thing will help save you in the event that you forget to log out of a site or clear your cache one day. While it isn’t 100% foolproof, using a different browser will safeguard the fact that you’re browsing a lot of different sites that you don’t want your wife to learn about. It can help you protect those tidbits of information that you don’t want her to see without a doubt. Remember, however, to not let your computer sync between different browsers. Too many people have been caught that way, and that’s the last thing that you’re going to want to deal with.

A Different E-mail Address

“Using different e-mail addresses keeps your affair undetected”

A different e-mail address is integral to making sure that your computer is safeguarded and that your affair goes undetected. You shouldn’t be using your personal and work e-mail for the same things, and that means that you shouldn’t use the same e-mail address for your affairs, either. If you avoid doing this, you’re going to make it much more difficult for anyone to trace you, and a lot more difficult for your wife to find out what you’ve been doing on the internet as well.

The e-mail that you use for affair sites should, in general, have nothing to do with your name. If it’s too closely related to your name, your mistress might be able to track down other e-mails related to you, and that’s not going to be good if you end up dumping her and she becomes obsessed. A separate, completely unrelated e-mail is going to save your butt in at least a dozen ways, so make sure that you’re using one when it comes to every single affair site that you’re on. You won’t regret it, trust us on this.

Password Protection

“Always lock your PC with a secure password”

It goes without saying: password protect your computer. If it’s your own personal computer that you bring to work–or something similar–then you shouldn’t have any reason to explain that to your wife. By having it password protected, you’re covering up anything that you accidentally forgot to hide. This is your last little bit of protection before she finds out that you forgot to clear out your cache last night, and trust us, it can really come in handy if you just slipped up that one time.

You should make sure that your password prompt comes up even if you walk away for a few seconds. Make your screensaver appear in the shortest amount of time that your computer will allow, and always ask for a password when trying to access the computer again. This will make it that much more difficult for anyone to access the computer, and for your wife to figure out what you’ve been doing. While you should never leave your things sitting out like that, it’s still going to make it a lot easier for you to keep it all under wraps.

Proxy Servers

When in doubt, use a proxy server. These are browsers that you can download that protect your IP address and make it difficult for anyone to track exactly what you’ve been doing online. If your wife is suspicious and you think she might be hiring a private investigator to do research on you, this is the kind of thing that might end up protecting you in the long and short of it all. These can also come in handy when just browsing sites in general, so scammers can’t get ahold of your personal information or location. Trust us; they really can end up coming in handy.

A New Computer Altogether

When in doubt, just get another computer. If you can afford it, a little netbook to keep at work is something that your wife never needs to know about. You can conduct all of your affair business on that computer instead, and kill just about all suspicion that might arise from you being protective over your other computer at home. You should still make sure to keep this one well-protected, of course, but in general, a separate computer altogether is a wise decision if you’re seeing several women on the side.

In general, it’s up to you to really watch your back and be careful when it comes to your computer. There are a lot of different things you can do to keep it safe and to make sure that you don’t end up getting caught, so take the time to do it, and you won’t end up making decisions that you regret.

What to Do When You’re Ready for More Than Screwing Around

“Are you ready for something serious?”

Whether you met her on personals dating site with great rank like spark.com or a crappy bar, you’ll know if she’s meant for you. Maybe its how she makes you feel, or she is the best cook you’ve met, or even just that she reminds you what it’s like to be happy. Whatever the reason, you’ve got to get her now. When you’re ready to move on to a more steady relationship with her, it can be a slow build up or you can flat out say it. But keep in mind that this is how she’s going to remember you saying that she’s the one. Where you start from will determine how you can tell her that you’re looking to go to the next level.

Escaping the Friend Zone

“You need to escape from this friend zone”

The friend zone is a sad place to be in, but it does happen to the best of us. It’s really like being a boyfriend, except that she doesn’t have sex with you and has zero loyalty because you aren’t really together. But you got there for a reason; you love this girl. Just because you’ve been exiled from being her boyfriend doesn’t mean that you should stop trying to get back.

First, make yourself less available. It’s going to be difficult because she’s so amazing, but if you’re always there how is she going to miss you? Hanging out all of the time only makes you a comfort blanket. It’s something that she’s used to and has come to expect to be around. If you start making yourself scarce she’ll start thinking about why you aren’t around and what you have to do that’s better than being with her. That puts a bit more mystery to your name than there used to be.

Now that you’ve gotten her to wonder about you, start flirting with other girls when she’s around. When you two start hanging out in public, check out other girls. When she sees you looking at them or commenting on them she will get jealous. It’s in a person’s nature. If she starts getting upset about it, don’t stop. It’s not fair for you to have to hear about the idiots that break her heart and leave her crying on your shoulder.

If all else fails lay your feelings on the table for her to see and let her know that you don’t want to be just friends. Tell her how hard it is to see her with these other guys who she dates. What makes you only a friend? Does she want to be more than that? If not, then maybe it would be better for the two of you to be acquaintances. It’s not that you don’t want to be around her all of the time or be her friend, but it’s asking a lot of you to stand by and watch these other guys fill the role you wanted to play. Hopefully she’ll get it and step up to the plate. Otherwise you might have to walk away.

Asking Her Out

“Ask her out. What’s the worst thing that can happen?”

This is really just as hard as jumping into the proverbial water. When you really like being around a woman, ask her out on a nice, normal date. It might be scary, but the worst that can happen is that she says no, right? In the end that’s not so bad. You might find her at your local grocery or she might rank highly on your personals dating site match-up. However, when you meet her just try to be confident and keep a smile on your face. You’d be surprised how far that can get you. If you are not sure about her or the website, you can go ahead and make a real comparison at onlinepersonalsreviews.ca/compare/spark/. Read the review of the site for comparison and make your decision.

Taking the Next Step

“You can move in together”

The two of you may already be together. That’s a great start, but now you want to do more. Maybe you’re feeling like really solidifying your future. Or maybe you want to move in together. Whatever it is you can get it. If she already loves you then it shouldn’t be too hard. Make sure that you’re in it to win it by checking if:

You’re saying I love you. Obviously this is important because skirting around these heavy words means that there’s something off in the relationship. Even if you’re up to saying it she might not be.

You’ve got each other’s keys or you live together. When you’re talking about being together forever you’ve got to know what it’s like to live together. It’s a tough act to be in when you share your space with someone else.

You’re okay with the silences, the awkward food stuck in teeth, occasionally farting in front of each other, and having alone time. All of this makes the transition to being together easier and stronger.

Alright, so you’ve got it all down? Being comfortable around each other and having the barriers that still make you two separate people in love as opposed to a blob of boyfriend and girlfriend will make a better start for you. Start talking about the long term goals that the two of you have. Do you want to have kids together? Live in a certain kind of house? Pets? Once you figure out what the two of you want to do as a couple you can start doing them. That’s what it takes to get to the next stage. Finding a way to accomplish it all and be happy about it.


“Be really sure before you propose to her”

The end of all relationships, the proposal. So obviously you need to be really sure that she’s the one for you. You’re done with messing around with the other women and you’re in it with her for the long haul. Now you can start dropping little hints about spending forever together, house shopping, etc. She’ll be getting excited. As for you, plan the place and time of your proposal. Get a few of her friends together along with those close to her in her family and talk it over .The more people you have involved the better ideas you’ll get. Of course, it’s all up to you in the end though. Her favorite restaurant, the park you met at, or even the theater she auditions for all of the time. Any place that serves as an emotional reminder for her, have a family member bring her over or take her on a date there. Once you do you can do the old fashioned down on one knee or get creative. However you do that is up to you, but some ideas might be to enlist the friends and family to hold signs with each letter spelling it out, having it written on a photo of you two, or even singing it out to her. Seriously, the ideas are endless.

Personals dating sites have rankings of the rate of marriage between those who meet online and those who meet in person. When you’re done screwing around, either physically or with how far you’ve taken it with your girlfriend, you are in control of the next step you take. Will it be marriage or an apartment? Who knows? No matter which way you try to go just make sure to keep open communication and be truthful with your lady about what your expectations are for where the two of you are going. Most of the time, she’ll keep up with you and will let you know if she’s not comfortable with the pace you’re going at.

Common Pitfalls When Dating a Writer

“Thinking to date a writer? Don’t forget that they are intellectual people”

Dating is not always as easy as we would like it to be. Learn how to date online and the steps for Approaching Fling Culture: How to Best Navigate the Fling Game. Use advanced dating tips to move ahead in the dating game. Just finding information about fling dating can seem like a deluge of useless websites more than any actual advice. Then, of course, there comes the matter of actually keeping her content or at least interested once you decide to date. Most of us realized pretty quickly how infrequently we can cycle the same techniques with each new woman. Fortunately, however, there are some decent tips and tricks for maintaining a relationship with different types of women. Writers are just one of many groups to consider when you want to make a good impression and stick around for a while to come.

Not Giving Her Enough Time to Herself

“Just leave her alone and she’ll calm down”

One of the most common mistakes we make when dating writers is just not giving them enough alone time. This is particularly difficult if you happen to be used to women that constantly want your attention, as the habit is usually pretty ingrained by then. Do not be too discouraged if you can’t manage to change things up right away: habits can take a while to unlearn. Especially in the beginning of the relationship, as well, she is likely going to allow for some leeway in this. Being aware of it is really important, however, and striving to make sure she is content with the amount of time by herself that you can manage without feeling like you aren’t actually dating someone, is a must.

This is not merely a matter of giving her time for writing either. While some writers do spend quite a bit of time putting thought to text, more often than not you will find them spending most of their time contemplating, or musing while they do another task. Whether she spent her day chasing down a particular London bookstore, or reviewing things she has already worked on, remember that both situations are considered time well spent. Often times, that means times spent lone. Many writers have a lot of difficulty working around any significant amount of noise, yes, but it is also very common to want some time alone just with their own thoughts. Sometimes this involves chores, sometimes it involves staring at the ceiling for hours. Whatever the case may be, making sure she has the time she wants is the critical part here.

All too often, we look at someone who says she wants more time alone and wonder what it is she really needs. Are we not measuring up in some way? Does she want us gone because she has someone else on the side? Why does she need to be alone when she is doing something other than writing anyway? These sorts of questions will only lead you to problems, so try not to fall into the trap of contemplating her motives too much. Chances are she is not using your time apart to look up information about fling dating. More than likely, she is just used to being alone and more comfortable keeping her own company than spending time with someone else. If you are patient with her, the chances of this changing the longer you are together is very high. If, however, you find yourself chafing at the idea of spending so much time apart, you may want to consider whether or not to continue the relationship at all. The fact that she wants to spend time on her own really is not going to change no matter how hard you try to make it.

Trying to Read Everything She Writes

“Stay away from her personal diary”

Another typical mistake made by those unfamiliar with the writing process and the protective nature of any artist that makes them inclined to hide away their unfinished and under par work is to frequently ask to see what she is working on. To be blunt, there is no reason for you to need to see it, so just don’t go there and you’ll be set. If you need an explanation, however, it is really best to understand that her protests are probably for a very good reason. Either she does not want to show you something incomplete, or she does not think you will like it for some reason. Whether it is content, style, or completion status, pestering her to read her work when she clearly does not want to share is one of the quickest ways to get on the bad side of any writer.

Unsolicited Criticism and Critique

Along those lines, you can expect any criticisms and critiques, no matter how valid or well informed, to be met with considerably less charm than just turning down requests to read her work. It is one thing if she wants to show you why she went into London so many times last month. It is entirely another if you skim something over her shoulder, or sneak a peak at her manuscript when she isn’t looking. Even if she lets you read something, and especially if this is a completed item, if she does not specifically ask for feedback, chances are she does not want to hear yours. What this basically comes down to is a combination of pride and just plain politeness.

There is really no reason you should ever feel entitled to giving her work corrections unless she has specifically asked for them. Consider, first, how often she probably has to turn down or has no choice in receiving that sort of criticism or critique from complete strangers. Do you think she wants to lump in the guy she’s dating with the rest of those annoying people? Probably not, right? Looking at it from another angle, however, it is important to keep in mind that, most of the time, you are genuinely unqualified to give her constructive input. Just being able to tell someone you did not like something is not the same as telling her something that can actually help her improve the work. Even if you do feel like you have something to give in that regard, the best way to go about it is to ask her if she needs some help with a specific part of her writing due to that experience or knowledge you have. This way, you give her the option of taking you up or turning you down. Just up and giving her unwanted and unrequested criticism misses this step and comes off more rude than helpful.

Inferring It Isn’t a Real Job

“Do not criticize her”

The last, and still incredibly common mistake we make when trying to stay on a writer’s good side is worrying over when they are going to get a real job, or advising her, out of concern for her well-being, to find something that better supports her. Writing for a living is not easy, that is certainly true. It is important to keep in mind, however, that she is not spending all of her time at the computer looking up information about fling dating: she is doing something that either already pays bills, or will get her into a position that lets her do something she enjoys for money. She knows exactly how difficult it is to make money as a writer: you really do not need to remind her.

Get to Know the Latest Tablet in Town – the Wikipad Gaming Tablet

Tablets are efficient and reliable devices that have become popular over the past few years. Many gadget manufacturers are creating their own versions of the tablet. As tablet competition becomes tough, manufacturers aim to outdo each other through the accessories that are compatible with their tablets. A new tablet maker, Wikipad Inc., enters the foray by making tablets that come with easy-to-use detachable controllers. Here are the things you should know about this device.

Is the Wikipad tablet just like any other tablet?

The Wikipad is just like any other tablet out there. It can support apps and it is a gadget that can be useful for your daily activities. The device is pumped up, however, on the gaming side. It is more of a tablet created to cater gaming fans who want to use their tablets mainly for gaming. Playing games is easier with the Wikipad tablet since it has an easy-to-use controller that fits perfectly with the device. Playing games is not only easy, but each experience will be a great one.

Specifications of the Wikipad Tablet


Wikipad Release Date Confirmed: Android Gaming Tablet Out June 11, Price Pegged At $249

Aside from its famed gaming controller, this device also has specs that can keep up with the leading tablets on the market. It is powered by Android Jelly Bean, the latest Android version on the market. It has a seven-inch screen and it is comparably lighter than other tablets. It has Nvidia Tegra 3 as processor and it can be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi. It starts with a 1GB memory but can be expanded via the use of an SD card. It’s cleverly designed so that it is easy to hold on the corners. It can also be connected to an HDTV via its HDMI port.

When can the public get a hand on this device?

It was supposedly to be released last October 2012 in its ten inch version. However, there were some technical failures with the device that lead to the postponement of its release. The manufacturers, Wikipad Inc., made some adjustments with the tablet and have now made it into a 7-inch screen tablet. It is slated to be released around spring of 2013.The developers of this tablet have further reiterated that the delay of the release was more of on improving the tablet. As of the moment, the device just passed the FCC tests.


Retooled WikiPad primed for launch

Tablets are wonderful gadgets that people find very useful. With more manufacturers competing to get their market share, tablets are expected to get better. The release of the Wikipad gaming tablet will help shape the importance of accessories for tablets. Having its controller as premier accessory, other manufacturers will soon follow on how to turn tablets into great gaming tools so that they won’t be left behind by Wikipad.

5 Self-Help Books On Love You Should Be Reading Now

Dealing with relationships should not be a one-man burden. If you think you are having a hard time or just simply wanting to spice it up even more, it doesn’t hurt to seek advice to good reads about love. Getting advices from people, and even from experts themselves, could really offer you a huge heap of help. You just have to know the right books that hit your love situation bulls-eye.

  1. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

It is the perfect book for women who are struggling with a huge baggage that they find it hard to venture into a new relationship in fear of possibly hurting the other person. This book will help you by staying present in your daily life and making the most out of it by removing the negative thoughts as much as possible. The Power of Now will teach its readers how to let go to let love in.

  1. You Lost Him at Hello by Jess McCann


Unconventional Reasons Why You Absolutely Should Be Reading Books

Since dating can be a frustrating journey for most single girls out there, You Lost Him at Hello will help you navigate through the ups and downs of the dating game. With its useful strategies and realistic advices, this book will help you find the right person by being in control of your relationships and of yourself. With this book, dating could definitely be a smooth and fun process for everyone.

  1. The Little Black Book of Big Red Flags by Natasha Burton, Meagan McCrary, and Julie Fishman

Some women in most relationships often shrug off the idea that their partners might be a total jerk by convincing themselves that they are just being guys. This book will make you realize that he might just not be the one for you by identifying the red flags before it’s too late. Don’t go trying to “understand” that unruly behavior. The signs might be telling you that it’s probably best you let go of the guy.

  1. If the Buddha Dated by Charlotte Kasl

This book by Kasl will give you advices that are based from the spiritual philosophies from Buddhist, Quaker, and Sufi beliefs about love. If only these gods dated, you ought to know better than to continue propagating those paranoid thoughts and anxieties when finding a partner and instead, embracing future romantic endeavors smoothly.

  1. Was it Something I Said? By Jess McCann


5 Self-Help Books On Love You Should Be Reading Now

Another book by McCann, Was it Something I Said? will cater to your frequently-asked questions such as “Did I hook up too soon?” or “Should I Have Not Called First?”. It will be your best guide when it comes to sticky dating situations that will prevent you into warding off a potential partner.

Sooner or later, you might be needing friendly advice in dealing with relationships or finding one in the first place. When you’ve already had enough from your friends and acquaintances, turn to these books; they could even be of more help.

3 Top Leading Sunscreen Brands In The Market And The Differences You Need To Know

For some parts of the world, summertime is almost over and school time would start soon. But for the most part, summer is just arriving. This season is connected with barbecues, beaches, swimming pools, slippers, and of course, stores are stacking up shelves of numerous stocks of different brands of sunscreens. If you would see it, the most common cancer today in the United States is nonmelanoma. It is 90% caused by sun rays due to excessive exposure to the sun or sun tanning during summers. Now, to help you choose your options from the different sunscreens available on the market today, here are three of the topmost brands with their different components.

1. Express Wipes Sunscreen

Express Wipes are pre-moistened wipes that are an alternative for messy and sticky lotions. This product is easy to carry wherever you may go. It is quick-absorbing, oil-free, vitamin enriched, PABA free formula, and contains SPF 30 which can last up to 80 minutes of sweating or swimming. SPF or Sun Protection Factor is the measurement of the effectiveness of a sunscreen. The higher the SPF, the more effective a sunscreen is. Express Wipes Sunscreen has higher SPF compared to others which just has SPF 15.

2. Alba Botanica’s Sun: Mineral Sunscreen Fragrance Free


Be Wary of Chemicals: The Safest Sunscreens on the Market

As compared to the previous lotion, Alba Botanica is a lotion sunscreen which is really applied to the skin before going out of the house. It has UVA protection that is not seen on other sunscreens. Alba Botanica also does not contain any chemical that can potentially harm the user’s hormone unlike many top brands in the market today. It is also available for kids with SPF 30 that are really useful when playing outdoors.

3. Reef safe

Among the other two above, reef safe is the recommended sunscreen by American Lifeguard Association. Chemicals on sunscreen are not all biodegradable and it sometimes cause harm to marine life. One of the ways it destroys marine life is coral reef pollution. As these chemicals wash off from the body during swimming and other water activities, it wakes the dormant viruses present around the corals thus disturbing the balance of the marine ecosystem. Waters around these corals that are exposed to the sunscreen chemicals have 15 times more virus than that of non-exposed. Reef safe doesn’t do that. It is a biodegradable sunscreen lotion which can protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays while protecting the life under the seas too!


Sunscreen Ratings: The Best and Worst for Beach Season 2013

Consumers are unaware of a sunscreen’s potential damage to the environment and the body. Alarmingly there are recent reports and studies that some chemicals on sunscreens may cause cancer if used regularly. It is advised to carefully choose a sunscreen to use and always read the label before patronizing the product.

5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Travel Insurance

Many people don’t really get the value of insurance. Some of them think that it is not cost effective. What’s the use of having insurance if you don’t even have the chance to use it? This is also a question that will circle your thoughts when deciding to get travel insurance. Travel insurance may be an additional expense to you especially that it will only last during your trip. Getting travel insurance is a smart move though even if you have other insurance that gets you covered annually.

1. Get refunded during trip cancellation

One category of travel insurance that is beneficial for you is trip cancellation insurance. This is very important because you can get refunded for instances when you might need to cancel or delay your trip. Usually, not all the money you paid is refunded to you by the carrier during cancellation. But with this insurance you will surely get all your money back.

2. Easy emergency medical evacuation


5 Reasons Why You Should Get Travel Insurance

Not all places in the world are equipped and staffed with the best hospital equipment and personnel. Availing of emergency medical evacuation insurance will help you go back to your place of origin or or transfer you to a place that can give you the best medical attention. Most of the time, you will need to shell out a huge sum of money to get transferred. But with this type of travel insurance, you will be transferred immediately without breaking your bank.

3. Get full medical attention on foreign land

Getting sick on a trip can be difficult for you. Though you have health care insurance at home, sometimes you can’t get covered when on a trip. Obtaining health care travel insurance will make it easier for you to get medical attention during your travels.

4. Never be afraid of losing your things

Travelling can be a stressful experience especially if your things are lost. This does not only make the trip a bad experience, but you also lose some very important things. Getting a baggage insurance can help ease your mind. You will not only get reimbursed for lost things during the trip, but depending on your provider, you can also be covered if your possessions are damaged or don’t arrive on time.

5. Accidental death and dismemberment coverage


Travel Insurance Is An Essential Holiday Expense

There are a lot of things that can happen to you when you are on a trip. It is always best to have yourself insured even if you are just travelling for two weeks. Life insurance providers may not cover you if something happens to you outside of the country. Getting an accidental death and dismemberment can certainly protect you during these times.

Insurance are expenses that some people will never probably ever take advantage of. It acts as a safety net that can provide you peace of mind when travelling. Paying insurance is always better than regretting not having one at all. Remember, you’ll never know when something will go wrong during your trip.

What You Need To Ask Before Buying a Franchised Business

One way to start a business without so much planning how to run the business and all is purchasing a Franchise. It is a readymade business with the brand already made up for you so you don’t have to worry over those trivial matters. With so many franchise businesses available, you can just take your pick, especially if you have the fund to invest on it. So this should be easy breezy for your, right? But sad to burst your bubbles, getting a franchise is far from being easy ticket for your business success or your millions for that matter. Conflicts often arise between franchisors and franchisees and yeah, failure to take off does happen.

So due diligence is still required, just like any other business start up where you do everything from the ground up. And by this, it means that opening a franchised business involves deep thinking, planning and a lot more than you think.

Things you need to ask yourself before jumping a wagon of franchise buying


5 Great Questions To Ask Franchise Company Executives Before Buying A Franchise

  1. What would be the upfront cost? Can you afford it or do you plan to get a loan for it? This should be the utmost question you need to ask yourself – this literally means, can you afford the investment. And if you can say yes, only then ask the following questions.

  2. How would your franchisor going to earn from you? Just what is the interest of the franchisor in this business? Will you just pay for the franchising fee one time and nothing more or is there a need for recurring payment for services you will need from your franchisor? There are a lot of modes on how a franchisor will earn and know just exactly what this franchise has.

  3. What would be other things you will need to set up and pay for to run the business? Just what the franchise does not include in the package that you will need to spend for like property lease or equipment purchases?

  4. Any supplier restrictions you need to know about? Do you need to go to your franchisor for supplies or can you have your own suppliers?

  5. Any area protection clauses you need to add? What guarantees do you have that no other franchise will pop up beside you? Is there some area protection you can secure to ensure that you don’t get unnecessary competition once you get the success you need?

  6. Can you branch out in case? How about opening your own outlets? Can you do that? Are you allowed to do that?

  7. How many failed and succeeded with this franchise within the year? Of course, you would want to know exactly just how successful this franchise is. Seek out franchisees like you and see how they fare with the business. See if a failure is just an isolated case and is just a matter of mismanagement. A franchisee that gets out of the business by selling to someone else isn’t necessarily included in the statistics of “failures.” Indeed, he or she may be selling a successful venture. But you still need some idea of the turnover rate of franchisees.

  8. Do you have exit plan? One very important thing that most newbie entrepreneurs don’t take into consideration is the exit plan. In case it doesn’t work out on you, can you sell it? Just how much is it to resell this franchise? Exit plans are not only if case doesn’t work out. It is a good business to sell a successful business so you get to build another. So it is handy to come up with 5 or 10 or even 20-year plans to exit your business. 10 and 20 are too high numbers for this kind of plan though.


Buying a Business Franchise

Of course, beyond all these questions is your confidence on how much you know about the franchise you are buying. You have to do your homework, specify just how much you expect to get out from this venture and just how well this franchise system is going. You don’t have to go over the board and worry about it but it bodes well to prepare in case the worst do happen.